Clone A Willy Kit With Balls


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The Clone a Willy Kit with balls is the perfect way to make his penis your personal property. This kit allows you to clone his penis and his balls for an authentic imitation of his most intimate bits. This kit features 100 percent platinum cured silicone as well as 2 bags of natural algae based molding powder. Youll also get a special molding tube and a vibrating unit to transform your penis mold into a working vibrator. This kit is easy to use, and you can create your kinky toy in just 4 simple steps. Simply mix water with the provided molding powder and then insert his penis and balls into the molding tube for 90 seconds. Pull the mold away and fill the space with silicone, you can then slide out an exact replica of his penis. This kit is hypoallergenic and medically tested. Its free from latex and phthalates for safe play.

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